How to Get Festive with Citrus this Halloween

Halloween is a day filled with spooky fun and creative celebrations. As Aussies increasingly embrace this ghoulish day which, by the way, falls during citrus season in Australia, we thought we’d get into the Halloween spirit by incorporating Dracula Citrus into your festivities. This blog will give you some easy, family-friendly ideas for citrus-inspired food and decorations that will make your Halloween memorable and zesty.

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Citrus Jack-O’-Lanterns:

Instead of carving the usual pumpkin, consider using bright and zesty oranges. Carve fun and friendly faces into Dracula Citrus blood oranges or Navels for an Australian twist on a classic Halloween tradition. The fresh citrus scent will add a delightful aroma to your decorations. These citrus jack-o’-lanterns not only look fantastic, but they also provide a burst of Vitamin C. To make them, select firm, round oranges and carefully carve out your chosen designs. You can even add some spookiness with little LED tea lights inside for an eerie glow. This recipe from uses orange jelly to fill the centre of the hollowed out oranges. Want to level up? Press as much juice from the orange flesh that you scoop out and use it in your jelly mix instead of the cold water component. Then simply set the jelly, cut into cubes and place it back inside the hollowed out orange Jack-O’-Lanterns. Yummo!

Hauntingly Healthy Snacks:

Make your Halloween spread healthier by creating citrus-centric snacks. Offer citrus slices and wedges as a refreshing treat. Create a “Citrus Boo Salad” with a mix of citrus fruits, garnished with dark grapes for a touch of spookiness. It’s a great way to balance the sugary Halloween candy with some natural goodness. You can also prepare citrus skewers using a variety of Dracula Citrus fruits like oranges, mandarins, and lemons. The vibrant colours will add a pop to your Halloween table.

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Citrus Candle Centrepieces:

Hollow out Dracula Citrus fruits and place tealight candles inside. These DIY citrus candles will not only create a warm and inviting ambiance but will also fill your home with a natural, zesty fragrance. They add a touch of elegance to your Halloween decor and can be an excellent project for kids and adults to enjoy together. The instructions are similar to the Citrus Jack-O’-Lanterns. To make them, simply cut the top off each citrus fruit, scoop out the flesh, and place a tealight inside. The natural oils in the fruit’s peel will infuse the air with a lovely citrus scent.

Citrus Punch Potion:

Craft a citrus-inspired punch for the little goblins. Combine fresh Dracula Citrus juice, sparkling water, and a dash of grenadine for a spooky, blood-red punch. Add gummy worms for extra Halloween fun. This delightful punch is not just a treat for the taste buds but also a refreshing and healthy alternative to sugary sodas. To make it even more exciting, serve it in a cauldron-shaped punch bowl, and watch as your guests enjoy the surprise of gummy worms floating in their cups.

Halloween Citrus Garlands:

String together dried citrus slices to make vibrant garlands. Hang these in your home for a burst of colour and fragrance. You can even add spooky shapes or ghost cutouts for a festive touch. Citrus garlands are not only visually appealing but also a natural air freshener for your Halloween party. To create these garlands, thinly slice Dracula Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. Bake the slices at a low temperature to dry them out, then thread them onto a string to create a beautiful and fragrant decoration.

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Citrus-Themed Costumes:

Get creative with citrus-themed costumes for the family. Dress up as your favourite citrus fruit or a friendly citrus farmer. It’s a unique and cheerful twist on traditional Halloween attire and provides a great opportunity for DIY costume projects. For citrus fruit costumes, you can use colourful clothing and add paper or fabric cutouts to represent different fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes. To enhance the effect, use green hats as the citrus “stems.” Or if you’d rather just splash out and buy something, Funidelia has some great options like this adorable orange kids outfit pictured here.

Citrus Scavenger Hunt:

Create a Halloween scavenger hunt with clues hidden within Dracula Citrus fruits. Kids can follow the trail, collecting clues and enjoying a healthy snack along the way. This combines the fun of a treasure hunt with the deliciousness of citrus. To set up the scavenger hunt, write clues or riddles on small pieces of paper and insert them into Dracula Citrus fruits. Hide the fruits around your home or yard, and let the kids search for them. The clues can lead to the next fruit, and you can have a special “treasure” at the end of the hunt.

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Spooky Citrus Desserts:

Incorporate Dracula Citrus into your Halloween desserts. Fill mini pie casings with a sweet citrus burst with our Cara Cara Curd or try baking citrus-infused cupcakes with buttercream icing. These treats will add a tangy twist to your Halloween table. Use our Cara Cara Curd Layered Cake as your base recipe and for a truly eerie effect, you can decorate it with edible googly eyes or other Halloween-themed edible delights. To make citrus-flavoured cupcakes, add zest and juice from your favourite Dracula Citrus fruit to your batter. For the icing, use the same citrus flavour for a zesty kick.


Embracing the Halloween spirit Down Under has never been more delightful, and Dracula Citrus is here to help. Not only will your house smell fabulous, you’ll also be encouraging healthy eating habits on an otherwise lolly-filled day. So, get ready to “squeeeeze” the day and have a spooktacular time with Dracula Citrus! 🍊🎃👻

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