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Tired of evading the pitchfork-wielding mobs in his native Carpathians, the Creepy Count and his freaky family made their way to far-off Australia. There they found sun, surf – and most importantly – the perfect conditions for growing the world’s most delicious citrus.

Our Flagship Dracula Bloods are gushing with juicy red goodness. Sweet, subtle with just the right amount of bite, Australian blood oranges are crammed with healthy antioxidants and vitamins, making them an ideal quick, delicious and nutritious snack for busy families.


Sweet, petite and easy to eat. The baby of the Dracula family packs an immunity-boosting punch that kids and adults alike will adore. Our mandarins are creepy, cute and a breeze to peel for little fingers, making them a perfect snack in a lunchbox or on the run.


This Ghoulish Gal is for the real citrus connoisseur! With delicate pink flesh and the perfect balance of tart and sweet, you’ll be helpless against her alluring charms. A delectable alternative to more familiar orange varieties, the gorgeous color also adds cheeky charm to salads, sweets and your other favourite recipes.


Don’t be deceived by the seemingly innocent exterior. This classic orange variety is ripened under the Aussie sun for superior sweetness and texture. Favored by citrus sucking minions around the globe, once you’ve been lured into Dracula’s lair by these naughty Navels, there’s no turning back!


Terrifyingly tart, with fearsome flavour! Dracula Citrus lemons add the perfect kick to your cryptic cuisine. Each Dracula lemon is pulsating with rivers of juice, making them the ideal accompaniment when the urge hits to sink your teeth into something with real attitude.


Definitely not for the faint hearted – these cute little suckers will lull you into a false sense of security before hitting you with their blood-curdling bite. Easy to peel and addictively moreish our Tangelo Minneolas are are mysterious change of pace when something sharp and tasty is on the menu.


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Dracula’s plans for world domination are proceeding according to plan. Numerous retail outlets and their customers around the world adore the fun, convenience and Aussie sun-ripened flavor of Dracula Citrus.

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